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Your regeneration

Regenerative surgery for your needs & desires

Face rejuvenation

Fat transfers with or without platelet enrichment will allow  face regeneration with a lift effect. Those injections will train to dark circles attenuation, dyed and skin texture improvement, deep hydratation and visible rejuvenation. To prevent or treat aging, effects are surprizing ! 

Jolie fille

Vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal dryness, cracks, sequelae of episiotomy, atrophy and vaginal distension after childbirth, loss of  intercourse's sensations ...

Many pathologies, sequelae and deficit related to aging or childbirth had until then just few medical solutions ..

Regenerative medicine is the new revolution in this area! From the improvement of the vulvar aesthetics to the sclerodermal therapy and amplification of the G-spot, everything is possible!


Hands rejuvenation

Aging of hands is particularly intense and visible because of their   environment, pollution, and sun exposure. Regenerative medicine will allow visual rejuvenation and improve trophicity and flexibility. Raynaud's phenomenom may also be improve by our treatments.


Breast rejuvenation and augmentation

Breast. Feminity symbol.
Genetics, aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding ... so many factors that will influence their shape, volume, trophicity, and tenderness! Breast augmentation and reconstruction are possible thanks to the autologous fat transfer, which will allow to shape, sculpt and beautify your breast, in the most natural way possible!

Modèle en bikini

Dark circles improvement

Dark Circles - Enemy No. 1. Dark circles are linked to a combination of negative factors: psychological (stress, depression), physical (tiredness), genetic, environment (tobacco), aging ...

And until then, therapies were not very effective, or temporary. Regeneration and volume will allow a sustainable and natural attenuation!

Stare profonde

Hair thickening - Beard

Hair loss may be a trauma and alter quality of life, well-being and self-confidence. Injections, under local anesthesia, with fat  or PRP will allow densification and fortification of remaining hair. Beard's densification may also be carried out according to the same principles.

Beau modèle Homme

Stretch marks reduction

Stretch marks reflect a deep break of skin elastic capacities. Following pregnancy or weight gain, those lesions are unfortunately permanent... Regenerative therapy will improve the deep texture and visibility of the stretch mark.

Photoshoot de grossesse

Scars improvement

Volumizing and regenerative fat will allow a deep repair of scars for functional and aesthetic improvement. Skin scars (trauma, acne, episiotomy), but also mucous membranes are treated.

Tronc d'arbre


Some diseases or sequelae can be treated with very satisfactoring results. Among them, we notice

- Auto-immune diseases : scleroderma, Gougerot-Sjogren syndrom, sclero-atrophic lichen, psoriasis..

- Scars : post traumatic, acne, episiotomy..

- Raynaud syndrom

- Radiotherapy sequelae

A global treatment may be achieved, especially for face, hands, vulvo-vaginal and affected areas. 

Thoses therapies will improve pain, scars visibility, vascularization, quality and trophicity of skin.

Cellules souches embryonnaires
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