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Our philosophy

Fat Is Life !

Expression used in France for centuries, fat represents culinarily the "good flesh", with a diet rich in cream, butter, oil, and good local products.

The convivial person can be recognized by chubby faces, good mood and love of life! This philosophy of life, however, has had its dark days, with excessive fat, inducing obesity, cholesterol, diabetes and cancers.. 

The trend was then reversed: balanced and light diet, fresh products, and exercise!

When obesity was starting to wreak havoc, scientific minds were interested in fat ... for its regenerative abilities! Indeed, fat contains a considerable number of stem cells! Those cells help regenerate living tissue, such as skin, mucosa, or other human body tissues!

And fat, we always find it, and it does not take much for a visible effect! 

Macrofat, microfat, nanofat, SVF, so many different therapies for your regeneration! In addition, many other therapies such as platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy can complete this deep regeneration. And we know it, the care of the body involves the care of the spirit! Finally, as the natural is our passion, we like to associate with our management of joint therapies. Thus, plant care, nutrition, physical activity, massage, meditation, psychology, hypnosis are our best allies for the well being of all our patients.

Our vision is that fat, and other regenerative therapies, natural and bodily therapies around well being are great life tools, and the best way to access eternal youth!

Pierres zen
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