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From fat to blood, through vitamines, healthy diet and sports activity

Fat grafting

Fat is a great product,  containing 1000 more stem cells than bone marrow. Il leads to tissues' rejuvenation, improvement of cutaneous trophicity and anti-inflammatory effects.

Moreover, fat allows volume restoration in different areas (face, lips, breast, labia..). Macrofat, microfat, nanofat : different therapies for different effects ! Fat grafting is the keystone of our concept, due to the diversity of potential that fat presents. 


Platelets (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma is a platelet based therapy that releases growth factors that accelerate healing and stimulate regenerative cells. A simple blood sample followed by centrifugation will allow a platelet concentration and reinjection takes place immediatly after. PRP is particularly interesting in arthrosis, hair densification and in combination with fat grafting. 


Healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for the prevention of chronic diseases, but will also improve the various healing processes. Nutritionists are available to help you for changing your eating habits, on your "healthy way of life"

Salade saine

Sports activity

An intensive weekly physical activity (2h) or daily moderate activity (30 min), is essential and vital. Sports activity will allow you to revitalize deeply your body, and redefine your silhouette.

In addition, endorphins' release will induce an immediate spiritual and physical wellbeing. Coaches are available to support you daily, according to your abilities and your goals.

Cours de danse


Mesotherapy consists of injecting a product with a very fine needle into the superficial layer of the skin. Different products can be used, depending on the treated area, and the desired effect. The expected effects are, for example, a deep dermis hydration, a bright glow effect, an attenuation of the "orange peel" or  improvement of superficial wrinkles. 




Intrinsic ageing is related to age, and also to hormonal status. Thus, menopause, generating a decrease of hormones rates, will lead to a thinning and a drying of skin and mucous membranes, and will change in the distribution of fat, dryness intimate, osteoporosis .. No treatment avoids it, it is natural, and it is only possible to treat symptoms..

Extrinsic aging, due to environmental factors, accounts for 70% of aging, but it is reversible!

  • Tobacco, enemy n ° 1! Smoking will accelerate aging processes, avoid healing, is very deleterious for fat grafting and regenerative therapies. For each intervention, we ask for a strict smoking cessation of 2 months before and after the intervention.
  • Solar exposure also plays a major role in aging and quality of your skin. Sun protection is absolutely essential on a daily life health practice .
  • Disrupted sleep, stress, alcohol, pollution, as many elements to identify, avoid and possibly treat to prevent the mechanisms of premature aging.

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